THE Kimberly-Clark Australia (KCA) Millicent mill is expected to reach a number of its green targets this calendar year.

The company wants to reduce the overall weight of its flexible packaging by 10pc by 2015 for Kleenex Cottonelle, Scott and Kimberly-Clark Professional toilet tissue and Viva towel products.

It is also targeting the inclusion of 20pc recycled or renewable content in plastic packaging by 2015.

Every year, the Millicent Mill makes millions of rolls of toilet paper and towels as well as facial tissues.

According to KCA’s annual sustainability report, new film technology is being evaluated by Amcor Flexibles with respect to further reductions for the Millicent-made Kleenex Cottonelle toilet tissue and VIVA paper towel and the interstate-made Huggies nappies bags.

“We reduced our packaging weight by 6pc in 2012 meaning we’re on track to achieving our 2015 goal to reduce the overall weight of flexible packaging by 10pc,” the report said.

“We’ve also made progress towards our 2015 goal of 20pc recycled or renewable content in all our plastic packaging with our supplier evaluating options for 5pc and 10pc recycled content in clear Huggies Nappies bags and plastic film around Kleenex Cottonelle toilet tissue.”

It is expected that recycled content plastic film and bag trials will be carried out later in 2013 and continue into 2014.

Regarding the next generation film technology, KCA’s development brief is that the new material must perform on par or better with respect to equipment compatibility and overall packaging material functionality.

By using higher technology film it is possible to reduce weight and cost and also improve film performance.

KCA employs a continuous improvement approach to packaging development and a key success enabler is the cross functional teamwork that is involved in achieving success, according to the report.